Blitz Holiday

guitars, keyboards, vocals

Topaz • Scorpio

England isn’t just tea, rabid paparazzi, and old-timey architecture. It’s also groovy guys and girls making groovy music and living groovy lives. And that’s what makes Blitz the perfect fit for PetRock. 

Blitz was born to a moderately unwealthy Cockney couple just a mile from St. Mary-le-Bow in London. Like many English youths, he grew up wondering how they lost the war to the Yanks, while simultaneously fantasizing about visiting the land across the pond. Unlike most other British youth, Blitz showed that he had the talent and undeniable luck to actually manifest that fantasy in the real world.

That’s because Blitz is a “musical prodigy.” Before he could walk he was keeping time with the Beatles. At the age of eight, he was appointed keyboardist for the local Anglican church. By 11, he had formed his own band, One If By Land, a British tribute band to the American Tribute Band the Shagwells.  

By his early ‘20s, Blitz had clawed his way to the top sales position at a haberdashery, while nurturing a growing fanbase for his one-man show in London’s East End. One day, tired of the rat race that is London fashion retailing, he hung his bowler up for the last time and headed to the New World.

A few months after his arrival and by sheer chance, Blitz ran into, literally with his bike, Duke Bradford outside a Go-Go in the East Village. After they exchanged contact and insurance information, they discovered they were like-minded musicians interested in spreading the gospel of smooth ‘70s sounds. And just like that, PetRock had finally built the stunning lineup of talent for which it was built.

Is Blitz a man misplaced by time? Did he travel to the future to ensure that old-school rock and smooth ‘70s sound live on? Who’s to say? Let’s just count our blessings that he is here. And remember, Blitz, do what your Mom said and “Turn that guitar up.”