Christopher Frost

vocals, acoustic guitar

Sapphire • Virgo

It was the storm of the century when Charles and Sally Frost welcomed their fifth child into the world in a modest home in the hills outside Rocky Ford, Colorado. They were without power and cut off from the hospital due to the blizzard. But this wasn’t their first rodeo, so the Frosts did what they have always done: they carried on and took care of business on their own. They chose the name Christopher in honor of the patron saint of travelers because they could tell, with one look, that their son was going to go far. 

Those who live in the high plains of Colorado are tempered by life, made strong and resilient through hard work and necessity. In this land, Christopher built not only an unimpeachable work ethic but also a steady gaze that could see the truth in the world around him.

Was it his “up and at ‘em” attitude and rugged good looks that first drew the attention of the future, Mrs. Frost? Maybe. Or maybe it was his love of music and ability to sing truth to the world. In any case, Christopher was one of those lucky few who found the one and only love of their life in the springtime of their lives. And they made beautiful music together.

Mrs. Frost knew that Christopher was a music maker and dreamer of dreams who deserved to be shared with the world, and she urged him to unchain himself from the land of his forefathers and pursue his dream. They sold their home on the hill, packed their van, and hit the road.

Christopher is a servant of all types of music, trying his hand at Gospel, Country, and Blues. Then, he saw an ad for a flyer for band auditions and arrived at the appointed time to find Duke and Flam. The rest, as they say, is smooth history. 

Today, Christopher is living the proverbial dream, seemingly threading the high-pressure world of music to create a loving home and family life, and a successful career without sacrificing one over the other. And it is his steady, strong, and safe bedrock upon which PetRock continues to grow, always reaching up to new heights, together, as a family.