Rev. Duke Bradford

bass, vocals

Amethyst • Pisces

He’s been around and about.
Up and down.
Here and there.
But Duke has found his true home in the arms of PetRock fans everywhere.
John William Bradford, now known by his friends and fans as Duke, was Born in a small east Texas town. His early years could have been pulled from the plot of an Elmore Leonard novel [a quick note: Duke loves to read]. He worked the oil fields as a roughneck; the plains as a cowpuncher; and the club scene as a bouncer. Could he have ended up on the wrong side of the tracks? Maybe, but Duke had bigger ambitions.
It was when working the clubs that Duke saw the power of music and, more importantly, the power of the musician. He knew he had what it takes—certainly had more than most of those he saw on stage—to turn melodies into magic.
But the Texas scene wasn’t for Duke. He needed a smoother clime to hone his skills. So he grabbed his Walkman (good thing he had a handheld since he didn’t have a car) and hopped a train North, found himself in Nebraska…and soon after in the camaraderie of his brothers from other mothers, PetRock.
What makes Duke tick? Whiskey, motorcycles, and PetRock fans, the greatest fans in the world. “They know the words to every song and pour out their love at every show every night. Unbelievable.”
And for now, just helping those fans forget about their troubles one night at a time, is enough for this high plains drifter.