Flam Tapman


Peridot • Leo

To those who know him, it is no surprise that Flam has become a favorite of fans everywhere. He’s cool like an ocean breeze, warm like the setting sun, and primal like the beat of a heart.

Hailing from Key West, he was raised on steel drums and calypso. But Flam could not be constrained. He left the easy road and went in search of the secret of rhythm. He worked his way across the South in honky-tonks and dive bars, playing in both country and western bands. He followed the blues up the Mississippi delta to Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago. Then, one day, he was approached by a slim, blond hit-maker by the name of Barry Manilow to lend some “oomph” to his live show.

The next week, Flam was playing to a sold-out crowd at the tour’s launch in Omaha. Though he was on the road with Barry for 10 months, Flam never forgot the fans that showed him so much love on that first night at the Civic Auditorium. And so, he returned to the Big O’ to set down his roots and sick beats. And that’s when he found his PetRock family.

Flam loves new drum heads, conversion vans, the PetRock Pebbles, coffee in the mornings, and Coors on draft at night. Here’s a little challenge for you readers out there…next time you see Flam, see if you can find the tattoo with his motto, imbued in him by his Mama, somewhere on his body. It says “Do it right the first time.”  But right, wrong, or in-between, Flam’s fans just want him to keep on doing it, night after night.