Steely Dana

keyboards, guitars, vocals

Peridot • Virgo

A portrait of contradiction and conviction. Abandoning his hometown streets of Hollywood, our man Steely Dana bought a van and went east to search for fame in the heart of our great country. But who was the man behind the van? Behind the journey?

Steely (we’ll avoid using his full name due to outstanding warrants) was once the heir apparent to an orthodonture empire in the Golden State. He was a master of bands and brackets, spacers, and separators. His biggest problems were misaligned bicuspids and insurance paperwork. 

But one day, on his way to a standing Thursday afternoon tee time, his Avalon was t-boned by a runaway cement truck. In the space of that single instant, his whole life changed.

Reconstructive surgery restored his steely good looks, but nothing could restore his appetite for humdrum small talk and Muzak. He suddenly knew life was too short and moved too fast to spend it with his hands inside someone else’s mouth.

Being in Hollywood, his first plan was, of course, to break into movies. Steely turned down a history-making role in the largest sci-fi film of all time and lost out on the lead in Corvette Summer to another up-and-comer. Were his dreams derailed? Not if his parents had anything to say about it. While some might have been discouraged by a son who gave up an easy road to wealth, Steely’s parents knew that he was destined for greater things. “Follow your heart not the money and happiness will be your traveling companion,” they always said.

With their blessing, he hit the road. Aimless but hopeful, it was in Vegas where Steely saw a Beatles cover band recreate their appearance from the Ed Sullivan show. At that moment his eyes were opened, and he rediscovered his passion for music.  So, he picked up a guitar, changed his name, and went in search of the truth.

He worked the scene across the Rockies in small towns and ski resorts, honing his craft and rediscovering the fire that burns bright in his heart. Then a funny thing happened on his way to Chicago…but that is a tale for another time.

Now, it’s not his hands, but his name in the mouths of people everywhere. He loves his fans and their passion, and in return, they pour out their love for him every night when he is on stage. When he’s not on stage he likes to get up early, say his goodbyes, and cruise the streets in his ‘Vette with the t-tops off, Dusty Springfield’s “Give me the Night” blaring on the radio.