Bourbon Theater 11.18.22

Lincoln. Our capital city. The shining gold-domed beacon of light on the plains. 

While close in distance, Lincoln has always been somewhat of a mystery to the band. Less than an hour from our home base, Lincoln had not yet succumbed to the power of smooth…until our Gig in November ‘22, that is. 

That’s when we packed up our van, put on our fanciest duds, and headed down the road to convert a new group of “smoothies” to our brand of rock. The Bourbon Theater would be the site of our third gig in the city and would prove to be the show to earn our place in the hearts of Lincolnites, young and old alike.

The Bourbon theater is a fabulous venue for a rock show. Tiered seating and tables with a large pit for dancers, gawkers, and fans of all types. On arrival, Sarge got right to work, hacking into the massive LED display they had for the next night’s Steve Vai concert. And as easy as that, he was set to treat the crowd to our complete multi-media show experience. After all, a PetRock show is meant to take you back in time to better times, simpler times. If only for a few hours, if you catch my drift?

As we gathered backstage for our ritual pre-show vocal warm-up, we could feel the energy building in the room. PetRock aspires to put on an outstanding performance every night, and the entire band was revved and ready for a far-out show. And what a show it was!

I don’t want to toot our own horn, but that night the band was tight, despite the lack of whiskey drinks that made their way to the stage. Steely and Blitz were, as always, on fire as they ripped through the dueling guitar solos of Hotel California as Christopher guided us to the days of yore. The Maestro amped up the groove over Flam’s soulful beat. And even “yours truly” managed to remember all the lyrics. It was a crowd pleaser of an evening.

The night was filled with groovy jams, and legions of people turned out dressed in their best 70s -inspired duds. I saw old friends, and I would like to think we made a few new ones in this city down the road. 

If you weren’t there, don’t worry. We have cemented our return in March for another installment of Capital City Smooth!

Peace out,