Stepping Outside The Box

Summer is finally upon us in the great Midwest. That means heat, humidity, weather alerts, road construction, mosquitos, and, best of all…outdoor concert season!

Sure, Pet Rock feels at home in a dimly lit venue with a dance floor and packed bar. But we also yearn to occasionally escape the confines of the club or theater to bring the smooth train to another type of crowd. You know what I mean, right? Smoothin’ under the stars is always a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our first outdoor event of the year was to be at Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa. Let me tell you, this is a fabulous venue, and we were stoked to kick off the season there. Unfortunately, the rain spirits had other plans. Despite our offerings, pleas, and prayers, there was not just some rain but a deluge that flooded the stage, and the show had to be called off. If there was any way possible to play, believe you me, we would have. Des Moines is our second home, and saying we were bummed out is an understatement. 

But let’s try not to relive the past and instead look forward to another one of our upcoming outdoor shows and remember what makes a Pet Rock show outside so great:

  • More space! Want to spread out on a blanket or lawn chair if the show is at a park or amphitheater? Then an outdoor show is your ticket to paradise. Even if it is just a parking lot, PetRock fans (Pebbles included) are down with room to stretch.
  • Everyone can attend! Outdoor concerts are almost always “all ages” shows. So no need to find a sitter and stock up on frozen dinners for the young ‘uns; just throw them in the back of the Family Truckster and bring them along. Duke’s bonus tip: uncool parents can impress their children by knowing the words to all the songs.
  • Fresh air. Who doesn’t love to boogie in the breeze the way god intended it?
  • Other stuffs. Food trucks, ice-cold booze, shorts, and sundresses. What’s not to love?
  • The sound! Without walls and floors for the sound to bounce around, an outdoor show can provide the clearest sound experience. The wind is the natural enemy of sound, so a calm day is the best. When space allows, the Chairman of the Board loves bringing out his giant analog rig to provide a genuinely vintage authenticity to a PetRock show.

Even though our first show of the year was a rainout, we are looking forward to a summer full of groovy gigs. Check out our schedule of shows HERE.

I hope I see you somewhere down the road.