Discovering Columbus and a Return to KC

We are a wandering band. We love to explore. Meet new people and new fans. Discover the true heart of a new city. All of that is industry talk for “playing in a new venue, in a new town.” 

Every time we wonder what will the locals think of the six of us rockers stepping out of our time machine onto their turf? Would we be welcomed as heroes or run out of town on a rail? Would Duke receive another stern warning from a protective parent? Would the Maestro be refused service at the bar? The questions abound, and it was no different leading up to our most recent couple of gigs.

First, we traveled West to play the courtyard at the Columbus, NE Ramada Inn. Sounds like an ideal fit for our smooth rock sounds, no? As the day of the show approached, images of dim lights, fuzzy red furniture, and a sunken bar swirled in my mind. We may not be Murph and the Magic Tones, but PetRock knows how to bring a party to any setting.

The day of the show, we discovered that, despite the lack of fuzzy furniture, the place was packed and the proximity to overnight accommodations meant the audience did not restrain their intake of spirits. It’s always an interesting night when the audience is feeling so alive, and that may be partly responsible for comments I heard whilst strolling through the audience like, “I’m five years old again. Thank you!” or “You have no idea how much joy this music spreads!.” Oh, but Duke does know. [Duke also knows that he doesn’t come to your workplace and tell you how to do your job, so remember that the next time you want to tell me, “You know what you should do?” :-)]

It was quite a night. And despite someone making off with our food and beverage service during intermission, we had a great time, avoided major injury, and pronounced the show a success. Next Stop, Kansas City! 

It had been a couple of years since we had played in the KC area and we were hoping for a big show to shore up our fragile artist egos. 

But fate seemed set against our hopes. Dismal presale numbers had us believing we’d have to resort to busking on the corner for our dinner if things didn’t improve. Thankfully, they did although not enough to afford that famous KC BBQ.

As we huddled in the green room combining our loose change ($3.35), we received a report from our scout that the venue was filling up. Thank the lords of smooth for our PetRock fans who will travel far to show their love. We had vagabonds from not only Nebraska but Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas that made the trek to show their support. Have I ever told you that PetRock fans are the best?

Despite some technical issues involving our video, and too many whiskey drinks being lavished on us on stage, the show was another huge success. We unveiled a new shirt design, and the battle has begun between Kansas City area venues to book the next PetRock show.

So, thanks again PetRock fans. We do this for you, and couldn’t do it without you. 

Be sure to come back soon because next up I plan on giving you a behind-the-scenes look at a little remodel project we started over the holidays. 

Stay cool! Stay smooth! Stay tuned!