PetRock comprises more than the six distinguished gentlemen you see on stage. Their debonair style and precision musicianship are most likely why you attend their shows, but it may surprise you that the PetRock machine is far greater than the sum of these mighty men.

Today’s entry deals with the people behind the PetRock experience. The unsung and unseen heroes that help bring the show to life. Their support and tireless efforts allow us to bring the 70s experience to you. So without further adieu, let’s meet the smooth crew!


The Sarge.

Our booking agent, social media manager, merch wrangler, video creator, and all-around band cheerleader is known as Sarge. You will find him running our far-out video show at most of our gigs, selling swag, or making everyone feel at home. Keep an eye out for the camouflage hat and sunglasses and say, “Hi.” Sarge, we couldn’t do it without you!

The Chairman of the Board.

When you attend a PetRock show, you will hear the closest approximation of the vintage sounds of the 70s. This is in big part to our sound engineer,  the Chairman.  He’s the band’s biggest fan, and his attention to detail and love of all things analog are vital to the PetRock sound. Stop by the board and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts!


The man behind the look, style, and panache of PetRock is KGB. His legendary talents can be appreciated through our shirts, buttons, stage show, and videos. If you enjoy this website, tip your hat to the mysterious man known as KGB. 

Yolonda the Merch Girl.

If you’ve had the pleasant experience of purchasing swag at a PetRock show, you already know our merch girl, Yolonda. She’s the hardest working shirt slinger out there and will ensure you are outfitted with the coolest threads.

The Roadies.

Like any successful group, we are only as good as our roadies. Shandy, Jess, Ben, and Nick make up our roadie roster, and you will see them at select shows. They do the heavy lifting, and their tireless efforts allow us, the band, to concentrate on delivering the best experience possible. As the song says:


Now roll them cases out and lift them amps

Haul them trusses down and get’em up them ramps

‘Cause when it comes to moving me

You know you guys are the champs