If Only You Believe In Miracles

Last December, we saw something pretty darn special – call it a Christmas miracle, if you will. It wasn’t just the two nights of packed shows for our annual Holiday Spectacular Weekend; it was something even more heartwarming. Lemme spill the beans.

On a chilly December day, our buddy and sound engineer (whom we call The Chairman Of The Board) Charlie suffered a severe heart attack while cruisin’ down the interstate. Somehow, he dodged a major disaster, and a kind stranger dialed 911. The emergency crew arrived, did the CPR dance, and whisked him away to the hospital, where his heart decided to take a little break for the second time.

For the next couple of weeks, it was a rollercoaster ride for Charlie’s family and friends. The band gathered twice to say their goodbyes. He was not expected to pull through. Just a few days after the accident, we had gigs to play, and the crowd paid their respects to our main man.

As the days passed, not much changed. Charlie was in a deep sleep, and it became evident he would never wake up.

Then came the tough call to take him off life support. I can’t even imagine how heavy that decision was. I was waiting for Jenn, his wife, to give me the news that Charlie was gone. But instead, I got a text with a pic of Charlie in bed, grinning and holding a teddy bear. The message? “Look who decided to wake up?” Far out!

Charlie’s recovery was something else and beyond everyone’s expectations. I witnessed his cardiologist calling it a miracle and his nurse happily saying, “I never thought I’d get to talk with you.”

He kept surprising us all with his strength and determination. Just seven weeks later, there’s Charlie back at the mixing board, making us sound sweet again. Call it a miracle, the power of prayer, or good vibes brought by the universe. Whatever it was, we’ll take it.

As happy as we were for his return, we wanted to do something to ease the financial burden of his medical bills. In conjunction with our annual Spring Fling concert, we’ve set up a special VIP Charity Raffle filled with amazing prizes and experiences. 100% of the proceeds will go to Charlie’s family. If you’d like to support a wonderful family and have a chance at winning, CLICK HERE.

Catch you on the flip side,